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Roberta Antonini-Philippe

Currently Teaching and Sports Research Master at the Institute of Sports Sciences of the University of Lausanne, I obtained my doctoral thesis in sports psychology in 2002 at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. I worked for almost 10 years at the Haute Ecole Fédérale de Sport Macolin in the field of teaching and research in sports psychology. I then joined the University of Geneva as a lecturer from 2010 to 2013.

Within the framework of research, my centers of interest are directed towards the exploration of the dynamics of organization, disorganization and reorganization of different types of sporting or artistic performance. This research also contributes to intervention with the aim of improving the performance levels of athletes and artists in the immediate or long term, as well as the preservation of the integrity of the practitioners on the psychological level and. social. In fact, since 2007 I have also been very active in providing psychological support for athletes and musicians. These interventions are characterized in the form of recommendations for training, psychological support, or training.

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Boris Drahusak

Boris Drahusak, of Franco-Ukrainian origin and French mother tongue, was born on November 28 , 1960 in Paris. Driven by the desire to promote encounters between people of different origins, he founded the Mondial Contact association with his wife on November 28, 1990. Originally, the association's social goal was to "create, organize, coordinate, follow actions, spaces, projects intended to promote the active participation of citizens of foreign origin and residents in public space and in the life of the City, and to develop and foster intercultural relations ”.

In sporting terms, Boris Drahusak practices and teaches fencing. He bears the title of Graduate Master of Arms . Founding member of the Florimont Institute fencing club, he chairs it and teaches fencing courses. In October 2013 in Bulgaria, he finished eighth at the world epee championships in his category. In 2015, he became Swiss champion in the veteran category.

Georges André Carrel

Director of the sports department of the University and of the Federal Polytechnic of Lausanne for 22 years, Georges André Carrel coached the National Women's Volleyball Team from 1981 to 1987. He won many national titles with the Lausanne University Club (LUC) female then male. His favorite themes are team leadership, performance-related factors, motivation and relationships between the different players in sport, all of which have resonance in the world of music.

During his career as a teacher and coach, GAC has always loved hearing what Montherlant calls "sports music", that which escapes from playgrounds, snowfields, sports halls, voices and laughter from the children. Where the child grows if he lets this music permeate him, essential notes for the game to resonate in his life.

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