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Wayne Byars

This classical dance teacher is universally recognized both for the quality of his teaching and for the playfulness of his teaching. His classes are aimed at dancers from all walks of life and we meet at his place, at the helm, dancers from the Paris Opera, major dance companies passing through Paris, contemporary choreographers and dancers, jazz, hip-hop etc. Professionals and amateurs come together in his classes and are won over by the enthusiasm with which he has passed on his knowledge and experience as a dance teacher for more than 28 years.

Jean-Francois Kessler

Invited throughout Europe as a dancer and choreographer Jean-François Kessler, born in Paris, was hired at the age of ten at the Dance School of the Paris Opera. He studied there, then took part in numerous productions and international tours of the Paris Opera Ballet under the direction of Rudolf Nureyev, Patrick Dupond, Brigitte Lefèvre, etc. He was then a soloist and assistant at the Ballet National de Marseille and from 2004 ballet master, then assistant to the permanent staging at the Grand Théâtre de Genève. His marked interest in all cultural fields predestines him for the exchanges planned by "OVATIONS".


Teresa Martin

Teresa Martin studied classical and contemporary dance at the Amsterdam Ballet Academy. Daughter of composer Frank Martin, she grew up in an environment full of music and theater. After the end of her studies, admirer of Spanish dance, Teresa trained in Spain with the most prestigious teachers of flamenco, folk and classical dance.

She has danced in several Spanish companies, such as the Compañía de Raúl, with the choreographers José Granero, Pedro Azorín and Aurora Pons, but also with Carmen Mora, Andres Batista and Ana Mercedes. She created and performed her first choreography, Fantaisie sur des rythmes flamencos, on one of her father's compositions. This premiere will be followed by many others, respecting the roots of Spanish dance while discovering new horizons. With these productions she made several European tours and in South America

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