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Communication between artists and their audience is based upon intelligibility, eloquence

and a vast array of emotional states. 


These elements are essential to musical performance as well as other performing arts such as the theatre and balletLanguage also has a musical component, and any presentation before an audience presupposes a preparation, concentration and precision, which are the prerogative of sports.


By exploring these fields the OVATIONS project seeks to enhance the inspiration and knowledge of musicians as well as of interested listeners or persons whose work involves communicating in public.

What is the use to musicians of this exploration of parallel domains? 

Persons active in the fields named above share with performing musicians a number of features in their professional life: they prepare, analyse, bring to life and transmit their texts in a similar manner, face memorization and stage fright issues as well as the joys and challenges of sharing the stage with others, etc. Their answers to these challenges can inspire musicians, and put in a new light the difficulties they encounter.​


Since the 18th century a number of high level authors have published texts on these topics and new publications are being added regularly.

As essential as they are, nothing can replace a personal, convivial exchange in public, followed by a “workshop” part where young musicians enjoy the suggestions of an actor, a choreographer, a sportsperson or a language specialist as in the OVATIONS workshops-debates.


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