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Armen Godel 

Actor, director, writer, Armen Godel defines his field of creation as an interweaving, an interpenetration of these three activities.

To this plurality he adds a knowledge and  practice of music - Armen Godel studied the cello at the Geneva Conservatory, his hometown - which makes him an ideal speaker for our search for parallels.

After classical studies he turned to the theater and followed the classes of François Simon, Roger Blin and Philippe Mentha at the Théâtre de Carouge, then at the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris. He has performed a large number of roles in theater and film, with, or under the direction of some of the most prestigious names in the profession.

Armen Godel has taught at the School of Dramatic Art at the Geneva and Lausanne Conservatories. Since 1977 he made frequent stays in Japan, becoming a specialist in Noh theater, named in 2011 "Officer of the Order of the Rising Sun".

Author of novels and works on the Noh theater, he has received several literary prizes for his writings. Armen Godel continues his various activities and takes part in several doctoral seminars, symposia and international academic meetings.

Natacha Koutchoumov

Of Russian and Italian origin through her father, Scottish and French through her mother, Natacha Koutchoumov was born in Geneva, Switzerland. She began the theater as a teenager by following the workshops of the Conservatory of Geneva. After her high school diploma she moved to New York and spent a year at Fordham University , concentrating on theater. She then left for Paris where she studied Modern Letters at the Sorbonne . She passed the prestigious “École de la rue Blanche” (ENSATT) competition in Paris, where she continued her training as an actress for three years. As soon as she left school, she worked regularly in theater and cinema, both in France and in Switzerland. She teaches regularly at HETSR (Manufacture - Haute école des arts de la scene de Suisse Romande), HEAD and L ' ECAL . In January 2017, she was appointed co-director of the Comédie de Genève in partnership with Denis Maillefer.

Francois Rochaix

Actor, director and emeritus musician, who could wish better than François Rochaix as an interlocutor? Founder of the Atelier de Genève, Managing Director of the Théâtre de Carouge, independent director - both opera and theater - his range of action extends to France, Norway, Great Britain, Denmark, Moscow and the USA, where from 1996 to 2001 he was associate director of the “American Repertory Theater” and director of the “Institute for Advanced Theater Training” at Harvard University.

In 1999, he designed and staged the Fête des Vignerons in Vevey, and in 2002 the opening ceremony of Expo 02. François Rochaix staged more than seventy operas on the most prestigious international stages, and nearly one hundred dramatic shows. He received the Beaumarchais Medal in 1982, the Nessim Habif World Prize in 1988 (with Jean-Claude Maret), the Hans Reinhart Ring in 1989, the Grand Prix de la Ville de Genève in 1995 and the Prix de Belles-Lettres in 2000.

Jean Liermier

Comedian and director, director of the Théâtre de Carouge, Jean Liermier has worked with Claude Stratz and Matthias Langhoff among others. He distinguished himself in many dramatic productions but also in opera, being very early attracted by the art of music. Having frequented many musicians, he is the ideal personality to pick up on what brings his art closer to that of a performer.

F Jacquot 1.JPG
Frédéric Jacquot
Actor - Director - Drama teacher
Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters
Trained mainly by Henry Van Gray and Raymond-Girard (professor at the CNSAD in Paris), Frédéric Jacquot has interpreted more than thirty roles, from classical and contemporary repertoire, to theater and television. He has directed around twenty plays and has also succeeded his drama teachers in his original theater course in Paris.
For nearly 25 years, he has therefore devoted an important part of his career to the transmission of his art, thus allowing access to the profession of actor for a large number of artists.
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