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Subtitled video (FR/ENG):

*with WAYNE BYARS and the participation of Jean-Marc Binet, cello

June 20, 2019, Salle Carson, Geneva

with  JEFF KESSLER and the participation of  
Amandine Lecras-Paraire and 
Cyrille Cabrita, cello
April 25, 2015, "L'Abri", Geneva

(AUDIO ONLY - in French)

Audio document:

Musique et Danse 24.06.2015 - Jeff Kessler/ Daniel Grosgurin
00:00 / 00:00
Workshop with
Ewa Januszewska, flute
Carlos Bertao, bassoon


Francesco Bartoletti and Giacomo Grandi, cello
Sylvain Fournier, percussion
Dance Area Young Ballet
Directed by Mathieu Poncet

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